PeerCoder AI

Our AI will write code for you, and let you focus on the more important things.

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AI Generated Code

Our AI has been trained on millions of lines of code. It knows best practices, and it knows what bad code looks like. You just have to tell it what you need, and it will generate the code for you!


Over 20,000 Lines of Code Generated!

And this is all just from our internal testing so far!


PeerCoder AI isn't available yet, but we are coming to market with momentum never seen before.


Create the AI, the algorithims and everything needed for PeerCoder AI to work!


Feed the AI millions of lines of code!

User Interface

Develop our SaaS platform, that will contain an easy to use & understand interface for new and experienced programmers alike!


Let the world experience PeerCoder AI! Coming to market by mid November 2021!

5-Minute Setup

PeerCoder AI is meant to save you time. And we promise it will.

Step 1

Sign Up

Create your account and buy AI credits!

Step 2


Customize your account! Feed context to the AI. Need the AI to work with a specific database structure? No problem! Upload it for the AI to learn it!

Step 3


Hit generate and sit back! Depending on your complexity, it might take 5 seconds - 2 minutes for the code to be generated!

Step 4


Grab your code and use it! It's that easy!

Questions? Reach out!.